Welcome back

The WDFL welcomes back I power House team in the Recon Militia AKA (Carolina Recon)

RECON MILITIA FOOTBALL Meet the Recon Militia RWO — North Carolina's new Developmental football team.
The Recon, who open their season Saturday night June 17th 2017  against the Virginia Wildcatz at Belgrade community Park in Maysville — the home of the Recon in Da Valley’ Single-A affiliate Little League and Boy and Girls club — are one of many teams in the heavily recruited World Developmental Football League (WDFL).
The WDFL isn’t trying to compete with the NFL. It will play games Saturday and Friday nights. The league’s goal is to become a minor league feeder system for the NFL. A majority of the league’s players are NFL washouts or former players, guys who got a taste of a practice squad or were invited to workouts and aren’t ready to call it a career. Collegiate players who either wasn't drafted or signed to anyone. HS grads who didn't take the leap into the college life, and Just guys who still have a love for the game.