WDFL Player Development

WDFL Player Development

The WDFL is the Junior College of Professional Football. As the Junior Colleges prepare athletes to play at the 4 year universities we are similar because we get unfinished products and we make them complete Football Players ready for the next level of play. Whether that is NFL,CFL.AFL or European Professional Football.

There are three key components to the WDFL:


Training is the aspect of teaching the drill and skills to become a great player on the field. But we teach much more than just X's and O's. We teach all our players how to be productive people and fathers, boyfriends, and husbands. We have several Player Symposiums and we touch on subject like, Drugs,Sex, Physical and Mental Abuse. Also we teach our young people how to smart with investments, house, cars and investments.

We train our athletes to be the best they can be on the field . We provide Camps ,Combines ,Pr Days, and Mini Camp situation so that we can simulate live action. So we keep our athletes ready for Professional Football no matter what league comes calling. Not to mention the WDFL is a Real Profession Minor League Organization and Self contained Football League with30 teams nation wide.


Unless you are giving your athletes True and Direct feedback you are doing them a injustice. As a Professional Evaluator you must always give your athletes the real deal feedback so that they can make the necessary adjustments. Most NFL Regional Combines and CFL Tryouts never give their athletes correctable feedback. We at WDFL take our time and breakdown the Excellent things that our players do. Then we let then know and understand the tools that they are lacking preventing them from getting to the next level, and we work on that aspect of their game. The evaluation part of our process is probably the most important and difficult part of the Player Transnational aspect of their development. There is a reason why they are  not at the highest level of play.


This is the most rewarding and greatest part of what we do in the WDFL. This is the finality where we send the athlete to play their Professional career. Their next stop may not be their final destination, but we always try to upgrade to a team or organization that they came from.

The WDFL represent 15 countries in Europe as their player personnel department and their eyes and ears here in the states searching for great talent to play for their teams abroad. in Europe.

In closing we are a 360 degree training platform for athletes to become well rounded Professional Athletes and People.